Voltas Water Solutions to help building Smart Cities with Smart Water Solutions

Event On: 13-May-2016

As the Indian government has launched its ambitious mission to create over 100 smart cities in the coming years, the quest for smart solutions to support such urban infrastructure has begun.

At this juncture companies with a green orientation for the future gathered at the 2 nd Smart Cities India 2016 Conference at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, on 13 th May 2016 for a panel discussion on ‘Smart Water Solutions for Smart Ctites’. The panel of eminent speakers from the water segment comprised of Mr. Manas Vijh (Voltas Water Solutions Pvt. Ltd.), Mr. Pau Abello Pellicar, (ROCA), Dr. Sanjay Rana (Aqua Foundation), Mr. Nihar Doctor (Envision Enviro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.), Mr. Pawan Kakkar (Jugapro), Dr. Madhu Krishnamoorthy (Waterhealth) and Mr. U. K. Mitra (Holtec Consulting Private Limited) and the session was moderated by Dr. D. K. Chadha, Former Chairman Central Ground Water Authority and Director Global Hydrogeological Solutions. The main themes of the discussion were – rain water harvesting, treating sewage water for reuse and enabling cities with point of entry purification systems.

Mr. Vijh disseminated the Voltas Water philosophy of combining smart engineering with smart science to create sustainable and green water treatment solutions like commercial and institutional point of entry water purifiers which replace traditional POU (Point Of Use) having a recovery rate of only 25%; packaged Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) to reuse and recycle waste water and community drinking water solutions with Water ATMs. The focus of Voltas Water Solutions remains to enable institutions and communities with efficient water treatment systems that maximize recovery of treated water and minimize wastage, thereby promoting a culture of conservation and reuse of water.

The panel discussion concluded that the Government, private sector and citizens have to work in unison to facilitate the application of these solutions at a civic level. Such joint efforts by the personnel in-charge of urban planning, companies with a ‘green’ orientation and eco-centric citizens will facilitate achieving a synergy between smart science, smart engineering and modern urban planning to attain a stable sustainable world with balanced water demand and water supply needs.

As the Smart Cities transition from dreams to reality, Voltas Water tries to embed its water treatment solutions close to the customer’s quotidian life and gears to lead the market to enabling smart cities with greener and smart water solutions for a better tomorrow!