Packaged, Plug and Play RO Water Purifiers

Finding enough water is perhaps one of the biggest challenges. Making it potable, even more so. But what if every tap gave you water that’s good enough to drink! Presenting the Voltas Water GET.SET.RO. product range. A range of Packaged, Plug & Play (PPP) RO water purifiers ensuring every tap gives you water you can trust.

Be it an office, an apartment complex, a hotel or a restaurant, the Voltas Water GET.SET.RO. avoids the need for multiple water purifiers, saves space and assures pure, safe and better tasting water, always.

50 lph Commercial ro system GETSETRO50
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100 lph Commercial ro system GET.SET.RO.100
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250 lph Water purification systems GET.SET.RO.250
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500 lph Water purification systems GET.SET.RO.500
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1000 lph Water purification systems GET.SET.RO.1000
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Water purification systems GET.SET.RO.PLUS
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Water ATM
Voltas Water | Water ATM
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Packaged sewage treatment plant GET.SET.RE.MINI
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Packaged sewage treatment plant GET.SET.RE.PLUS
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