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Things To Consider While Buying A Water Purifier For Commercial Places

Mr. Satish Pandey joined as a procurement manager in a newly opened restaurant in Pune. The restaurant was using packaged drinking water jars. He was entrusted with a task of buying a water purifier for the restaurant. After his initial analysis, he realized that the water supplied to the restaurant had high TDS and the pressure fluctuated daily. His research presented him with various choices in water purifiers in terms of technology, brand name, and design. Considering that his decision involved health and safety of customers as well as staff, he was in a dilemma as to which water purifier was the best for the restaurant.

His dilemma is not unjustified. In our country, 70% of the water supply is polluted with sewage effluents and 37.7 million people are affected by waterborne diseases annually. Safe and pure drinking water is the need of the hour for homes as well as commercially run establishments. Whether you run a restaurant, mall, school or any other business, it is your responsibility to provide hygienic drinking water to the stakeholders associated with you.

A water purifier is a safer alternative compared to other drinking water equipment. A water purifier filters out the excess salts, suspended particles, microbes, and other impurities, and retains vitamins and minerals that are essential for a human body. However, you need to ensure that you buy a good quality water purifier, so as to provide pure and safe water without any worries. Here are factors to consider while buying a water purifier for your establishment.

Water Quality

In most locations, drinking water is supplied from under the ground sources such as wells, springs, and tube wells, or surface sources such reservoirs, rivers, streams, ponds, tanks, and lakes. All these sources are prone to germs, bacteria, virus and other impurities, resulting in contamination. So, an ideal water purifier is the one which treats most kinds of water conditions and provides clean water even at high TDS.water from underground pipes

Water Pressure

It is a common belief that the purification process works effectively only if there is a certain level of water pressure. However, good quality water purifiers can handle pressure drops as well.

Purification Technology

You should look for a water purifier that uses RO (Reverse Osmosis) purification technology. It eliminates water pollutants such as sulphates, nitrates, pesticides, arsenic, fluoride, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, chloramines and much more. RO water purifiers are also low on maintenance and power requirement.


The Packaged, Plug and Play (PPP) model of water purifiers make the right choice for commercial businesses. Such models are compact and ergonomic, enabling ease of use and durability, no matter whether they are wall-mounted or placed on a table top.

Storage and Capacity

Choose a water purifier that has an inbuilt storage and automatic power cut facility. It should also have a good storage capacity, depending on the size of your establishment. This way, you don’t have to waste time manning your water purifier to fill and dispense water.

Point of Entry

If you are a large-scale establishment requiring the availability of drinking water at multiple points across the entire location, you may end up buying multiple water purifiers. This may increase your cost, effort, and wastage. To deal with this concern, you should opt for a Point of Entry (POE) water purification system which avoids the need for a water purifier at every faucet.

Maintenance and Monitoring

In order to function properly and dispense clean water always, regular maintenance of a water purifier is crucial. While selecting a water purifier, do ensure that the said brand offers a comprehensive warranty and excellent customer support. You should also be able to control and monitor it without investing much time or effort.

Are you wondering which water purifier can give you all the above benefits? The GET.SET.RO. water purifier from Voltas Water Solutions is a perfect choice for your business! It has all above features and more.

  • It can treat 9 different types of water – hard, saline, acidic, alkaline, sewage treated, water with microbes, water with odour, water with colour and water with suspended solids. The integrated UV Purifier destroys 99.99% of harmful bacteria, virus, and other microorganisms. It handles variable TDS, no matter from where water is sourced from.
  • It is intelligently designed to function in all weathers, maintain its rate of flow, irrespective of the water pressure or variance in inlet water quality.
  • It uses FILMTECTMRO elements to ensure the stable and consistent performance of the water purifier. As compared to other brands, Voltas water purifiers save water by giving recovery up to 75% with their low RO reject capability.benefits-of-product-artwork
  • It is a PPP water treatment product which is ergonomically designed to save space and make it easy to install.
  • The commercial water purifiers from Voltas are available in different storage capacities with a flow rate between 50 to 1000 LPH. No matter how small or large your business is, it can meet your water need aptly.
  • It offers a centralized water purification solution by mass treating the water at the point of entry before it is distributed to individual lines. You don’t need to buy multiple water purifiers for your office.
  • Voltas water purifier comes with a one-year comprehensive warranty, with assured service support all over India. What is more, you can even monitor the status of your water purification systems from anywhere using the Voltas Water Smart Monitoring App and through Web Access from your PCs or Tabs.

With GET.SET.RO. range of commercial purifiers from Voltas Water Solutions, you can be rest assured that you get pure, safe, durable, economical and environment-friendly water in your establishment.

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