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Smart Water Solutions For Smart Cities

The Indian government has launched its ambitious smart city project under which 100 smart cities will be developed over a period of time. The prominent features of smart cities would include smart transportation system, citizen-friendly, and cost-effective governance, robust road network, planned city development, reduction of congestion and smart infrastructure solutions. These will be the futuristic cities of India.

One big pillar of smart cities is the adequate supply of clean water along with sanitation and efficient waste management system which is a major challenge faced by many Tier I and Tier II cities in India. In 2010, India ranked 120th among 122 nations in terms of quality of water available to its citizens. In Delhi, approximately 27% households receive tap water for less than three hours a day and about 40% of the water is wasted due to unchecked and not repaired leakages.

When we talk about smart solutions for smart cities, a comprehensive approach towards water management is what is required. It is not only about providing clean water for drinking and other household use but also having a robust waste management system in place that recycles water for reuse.

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Let’s discuss smart water solutions for the upcoming smart cities that integrate purification as well as recycle and reuse of waste water:

Point of Entry purification

The Point of Entry (POE) water purification systems are installed on the main water line as  water enters the home or office unit and treats all the water in the building. It helps in providing clean and pure water at every faucet.

The Point of Entry purification has numerous advantages over faucet or point of consumption water purification. Former ensures that the entire bulk of water entering into distribution pipes is clean and safe for use. Due to the economies of scale, it also comes out to be much cheaper at the household level, while the local authority is able to recover the cost from the users in form of water metering. For citizens who cannot afford to buy personal purifiers, the Point of Entry purification is a safe and affordable drinking water technology option.

Environment-friendly RO purifiers

Every human being has a right to safe drinking water which is essential for survival. RO systems are one of the most efficient solutions to fight against deteriorating quality of water, particularly ground water. RO systems have been found to be very effective against biological as well as chemical contaminants. However, their water reject rate has been a major concern for environmentalists. Water reject refers to the amount of unclean water RO throws out to give out pure water. But, an efficient water management system can easily take care of this problem where the reject is collected and put to use for purposes other than drinking.

Apart from this, there are a few RO water purifiers in the market with a low reject that helps to save water. Voltas Water GET.SET.RO Series is one such efficient water management system that integrates advanced technologies like Filmtec membrane with thoughtful engineering and design to optimize performance with minimum wastage and significantly reduces the carbon footprint.

Recycle and re-use

Recycling used and waste water is the most effective way of water conservation because it reduces the pressure on existing usable water sources. Water and sewage treatment plants play a very important role in recycling water and just like purification systems, every household, restaurant, commercial building and residential complex can have one! Voltas Water’s GET.SET.RE.MINI is an efficient and compact water treatment system that can help you with recycling and re-use of waste water. On the other hand GET.SET.RE.PLUS assists in bulk water recycling and can be used for large-scale recycling by local municipal authorities. These sewage treatment plants are easy to maintain, highly efficient and environment-friendly.water-recycling-400

Plugging wastage

Leakage and unmindful wastage steadily contribute to water scarcity. They not only result in loss of water but also lead to wastage of energy that goes into filtering, purifying and distribution of water. Robust systems, timely maintenance and use of effective technology can help in controlling water wastage to a large extent.

  • Installing leakage sensors can be an immediate solution to water wastage through damaged pipes and their bursting.
  • Installing meters can also help control wastage at the household level as users can continuously monitor the usage of water and plug wastage.
  • Water pressure monitoring systems can help maintain and detect an increase or fall in water flow and pressure. This will assist in avoiding damage to the pipes, detect unauthorized water connections as well as leakages.

The future of our smart cities depends heavily on smart water solutions. The Point of Entry water purification systems and innovations in sewage water treatment systems can ensure to build sustainable and environment-friendly smart cities of tomorrow!

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