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Can Water Add More Stars To Your Hospitality?

The hospitality industry is all about customer experience, and customers expect the best. Right from the moment they step in, to the time they walk out. The experience you and your staff provide is the defining cause of whether or not customers will ever return to your establishment.

Of the various issues that could impact the success of your business, none are quite as critical as hygiene. That’s the basic expectation of a customer every time they visit a restaurant, pub or a hotel. Cleanliness is of paramount importance. And nothing tops the list as much as clean, drinking water.

With rising health concerns and the ever-growing increase in water-borne illnesses, customers are more conscious about the water they consume. If things aren’t at their hygienic best, words do spread fast and with the ease of social media, even faster. Your business could end up in a soup of disasters, but the worst hit would be your reputation. That’s where Voltas Water comes in.

Voltas Water Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (VWS) brings to the table a wealth of revolutionary Point-of-Entry water purification systems that are specially designed for establishments like yours. The systems use best-in-class UV-based and Membrane-based technologies to deliver pure, drinking water with unmatched efficiency, at prices beyond affordable. So much so, that the cost of drinking water reduces to a significant 20 Paisa per Litre. Yes, you heard that right!

Unlike conventional RO plants that are quite bulky, these products operate on a plug-and-play basis, without installation fuses. And the best part, the GET.SET.RO range also reduces wastage of water down up to 25%, as compared to the 75% wasted by conventional water purifiers prevalent in the market. Now that’s a clean reputation with a clear conscience.

All in all, Voltas Water proves to be a breakthrough, eliminating hygiene and cost issues off a resource without which the hospitality industry cannot function. But more importantly, it adds credibility to those looking to serve their customers with nothing but the best.

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