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How Water ATM Can Prove To Be A Boon For India?

Water is one of the most basic and essential necessities of life. Every living being required consumable water for its survival. In India, there is an acute problem of the availability of drinkable water. Around 50% of the Indian villages do not have access to proper drinkable water.

22% of people in rural India travel more than half a km to get drinking water, while women and children spend more than 4 hours walking for water each day. And, they don’t even get just rewards for their effort. The water available for public consumption mostly gets an exposure to components like dust, poisonous substances, residual from water pipes, etc. on its journey to a common man’s tap. Do you know that more than 8,40,000 people die each year from waterborne diseases? Yes, that’s a pretty huge number!!

So what is the solution? A solution to have an access to safe drinking water at all times of the day. A solution for travelers to get their hands on pure drinking water at a very low cost. And a solution to reduce the trouble that villagers go through to access safe drinking water.

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In this ever growing world of technology, is there a product that can cater to the community at large for the good health and welfare of all? Yes, there is.

Introducing Voltas Water ATM – a completely automated water dispenser that provides pure drinking water.

  • The Water ATM can be connected to and can filter both tap and ground water.
  • It has an inbuilt RO purification system and a ‘Smart Monitoring’ feature integrated with other pre-filtration components that treat water to make it fit for drinking.
  • The ATM provides 6 stages of Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, and Ozonation, and provides TDS reduction by 99.5% and bacteria, virus reduction by 99.99%.Voltaswater-atm

Now, let’s understand the solutions that Voltas Water ATM offers:

Benefits of Voltas Water ATM

  • Easy to install: The ATM is compact and space efficient. And does not require a big set up for installation.
  • Easy to use: Water ATM can be operated using a smart card or a coin, which can be easily handled by all kinds of people.
  • Cost effective: It provides 1 liter of water at just 20p only.
  • Provides pure water: People are protected against waterborne diseases, which leads to better health and social prosperity.
  • Fulfills the community need: At 2000 liters of pure water per day, it can serve 1000 people.
  • Convenient source: People need not travel long distances to fetch water. It makes pure drinking water available 24/7.voltas-atm

Voltas Water ATM provides a revolutionary solution to rural India’s growing potable water problem. These ATMs have already been successfully implemented in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and a few parts of North India. And, in the coming years, they aim to address the drinking water problem faced by other parts of India as well.

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