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Tips to Clean and Maintain Your RO Water Purification System

Like any other home appliance, your water purification system also needs cleaning and maintenance at regular intervals. If you are using an RO water purification system, you can rest assured that your maintenance worries are reduced considerably. However, this does not mean that you install it and forget about its maintenance. In order to ensure the longevity of your RO water purifier, you need to do your bit. Here is how.

1. Carefully read the cleaning and maintenance process as mentioned in the instruction manual. It should also state the frequency of cleaning, servicing or replacement of parts. In case the information is missing or you do not understand anything, call the customer care centre or even better, ask the installation engineer on the spot to clarify.

2. A quality RO water purifier also comes with a service warranty and Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) support. Do get your water purifier serviced as per the schedule recommended by the manufacturer so that any leakages, smells or unexpected concerns can be addressed in a timely manner. Signing up for an AMC will ensure that you do not incur unnecessary expenditure on the maintenance or get duped by unauthorized engineers.

3. Invest in a water purifier body cover piece to keep it always protected from dust and dirt.

4. In case you are not able to procure a cover piece, clean the water purifier daily with a damp cloth gently to remove the grime. If you are using a cover sheet, then wash it at least once a week and let it dry under the sun before restoring it on the water purifier.

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5. Do not hesitate to place a service call immediately if there is any issue with the performance of the water purifier. Avoid delaying the call, or else, the water purifier could get damaged further.

An efficient RO water purification system such as Voltas Water purifiers is an ideal choice when it comes to the purity of water as well as a headache free upkeep. Apart from treating 9 different types of water, it has features to prevent the water purifier running into frequent maintenance troubles. For example,

  • V-Clean, an automatic flushing system that preserves the FILMTEC RO INSIDE membrane and prolongs its life.
  • 2*1 Dual Media Filter combines dual benefits of sand and activated carbon filtration, reducing the maintenance costs.

The GET.SET.RO range of Voltas smart water solutions also comes with the one-year comprehensive warranty.

Does your RO water purifier provide this kind of effortless maintenance?

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