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This Is Exactly How New Water Purification Techniques Will Benefit Your Future

On the World Water Day’2016, Water Aid, an international charity working towards improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation revealed that about 75.8 Million people in India have to spend 20% of their daily income towards procuring clean water. All over the world, more than 315,000 children die from diarrhoea every year and again India accounts for more than 1/3rd of this mortality. Only 2.5% of the total water on this blue planet is potable which is under tremendous pressure because of continuous increase in pollution and growing population. More than ever, the need for water purification systems today at the industrial as well as the household level is huge.

Why is clean water necessary?

Access to clean and safe water is the right and a basic necessity of every human being. Right from our bodily functions to general sanitation and hygiene is dependent on the availability of clean and pure water. Let us understand, why this “thing of life” is so vital to all –

  • Our body is 70% water, so it goes without saying that replenishment of water is important for our survival
  • Water is the main source of important minerals in our body. Even most of the metals that are needed in minuscule quantities but are very important, are derived from water
  • It regulates metabolism and flushes out toxins and wastes out of the system
  • Lack of water causes fatigue, dehydration, high blood pressure, weakness, kidney disorder and loss of energy
  • From a broader macroeconomic point of view too, the availability of clean water for a country’s masses is very important. Waterborne sicknesses affect the country’s population drastically and further obstruct the path of regular education for children and thus push their futures into dearth.
  • Clean water is equally important to maintain personal hygiene (brushing, bathing, etc.) as well as household chores such as cooking, washing clothes and utensils, etc. Personal hygiene is closely related to human dignity that undergoes a beating in absence of clean water.Clean drinking water

Though the statistics paint an abysmal picture of the water quality, there has been advancements in water purification that comes as a silver lining.

Water purification is the need of the hour

With newer innovations and technologies in water purification arena, we are seeing better, sturdier and cheaper purification systems. In recent times, more and more households are opting for and installing water purifiers for daily use. There are different kinds of purifiers available in the market today and include reverse osmosis (RO) water purifier, Ultraviolet, Ultrafiltration membrane and carbon purifiers among others. But of all the technologies available today, RO has been found to be most effective in cleaning water of all kinds of impurities.

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Reverse Osmosis is the present & future

Urban India is seeing a revolution in RO purification systems market. They are by far known to be the best combatants against the kind of contamination we are facing today. They not only eliminate biological agents but also chemical, to give the purest form of water. Earlier there were concerns around RO process making water acidic by demineralising it but now manufacturers have enabled these purifiers to add important minerals back into the water artificially. Manufacturers are further fortifying the existing technology by incorporating additional features in the purifiers. All these problems are addressed by our product GET.SET.RO.50 which comes with UV protect technology along with RO purification. It also includes automatic flushing which increases the life of membrane thereby decreasing the maintenance cost. Some people also point out that there is wastage of water in RO purifiers but this problem can be easily managed by collecting the residual water and using it for purposes like washing clothes, utensils, watering plants and any other utility other than drinking.

RO technique based purifiers have considerably reduced the occurrence of water borne diseases. There is a constant endeavor to introduce RO systems that not only have impeccable performance but are also available on lower budgets. They are also aesthetically designed to add to the good looks of a common or meeting arena in corporate houses. It is evident that RO is a technology which is making huge strides and making themselves better with time. It is geared for future and can be relied upon to bring clean and safe water to billions of people worldwide in times to come.


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