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Are You Living by the Coast? Then RO Water Purifier is a Necessity

According to data, 14.2% (171 million) of India’s total population people reside in the coastal areas. Now, in spite of the fact that they live nearby massive and unlimited water sources, they face a huge drinking water problem. They are highly dependent on boring wells, municipal water supply or water tankers. This can be attributed to several reasons:

Salinity: The salinity which is the saltiness or dissolved salt contents of a water body in the coastal regions is very high. It is influenced by factors such as permeability of the soil, the solubility of minerals, the quantity of rainfall, aquifer material, airborne salts and climate. It seriously impacts the quality of water for drinking

Seawater intrusion: Due to heavy construction activities owing to residential and commercial settlements near the coast (for example, Goa), an excessive amount of groundwater has been eroded. Eventually, it causes seawater intrusion which is the displacement of seawater loaded with impurities and salt into groundwater supply of fresh water.

High level of chloride: The sea water has a high amount of chloride, which can affect human health as well as the environment. It can lead to blood pressure, respiratory and heart diseases. It can also contaminate crops and seafood (fish, crabs, shrimps), and indirectly enter the human body.

High level of TDS:  The sea water has an excessive amount of TDS due to which it gives flat, bitter or unpleasant taste to the drinking water, and dehydrates the body. Seawater has high TDS, there are high chances of it getting infiltrated with the drinking water supply in the coastal areas. Hence, a technological intervention such as RO becomes necessary to provide pure drinking water to people living there.

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Pollution: The pollution of coastal water due to the discharge of Industrial effluents, solid waste and sewerages are another reason why drinking water is rendered non-potable.

In order to treat seawater for drinking purposes, water experts around the world recommend desalination, a process that removes salt and dissolved minerals from seawater.  Reverse Osmosis (RO) is considered one of the best ways for saline purification for coastal residents. In fact, BARC has also recommended RO for sea water purification in the coastal areas. Hence, an RO water purifier is a necessity in the coastal areas.  Here is how an RO water purifier can convert sea water into pure drinking water:

  • It goes through 8 stages of purification to eliminate water pollutants and impurities
  • It is integrated with UV Purifier to destroy up to 90% of harmful bacteria, virus, and other microorganisms
  • It reduces the TDS in water. A good water purifier can remove up to 90% TDS, providing complete protection from unwanted salts and minerals
  • It improves the taste of water
  • It has an ergonomic design and can be easily mounted on the wall; hence it is also a space saving water solution
  • It is low in maintenance and power requirement
  • It is the smartest and most economical water solution for saline purification

It is not possible for people living in the coastal regions to change the source of water. But, a water purifier can make it possible for them to convert impure seawater into safe drinking water.

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