Voltas Water Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (VWS) has been established to serve the ever-growing need for water treatment in India. It is a 50:50 Joint Venture between two of the most renowned private players in India - Voltas Ltd., part of the Tata Group and Dow Chemical. The smart engineering capabilities, distribution strength of Voltas, and the leadership of Dow in water treatment enables Voltas Water Solutions to provide smart water solutions to transform the way we look at and use the invaluable water resource.

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To become the leading provider of Packaged Water Treatment products in India, and offer superior technological expertise, reach and service capabilities with our range of reliable and smart Commercial RO water purifiers.


To be partners in the improvement of health and hygiene in society, and the success and growth of water-dependent industries


• Technology Leadership
• Market Leadership
• Customer Leadership

When Smart Engineering meets Smart Science

A 8-stage purification system that can purify up to 9 different types of water