500 lph Water purification systems GET.SET.RO.500

GET.SET.RO.500 - for Flow Rate of 500 LPH

GET.SET.RO.500 is a Packaged, Plug and Play (PPP) product specifically designed for flow rate of 500 LPH. It is ideal for commercial establishments, residential complexes, hotels and educational institutions etc.

GET.SET.RO.500 is a water purification system which provides single stop solution for water purification at highest level and eliminates the necessity of multiple water purifiers. Its compact and ergonomically design ensures ease of use and durability.

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TDS Magnet

Longer-lasting FILMTEC™ RO inside membranes have 20% higher flow rate, and remove 99.5% dissolved solids (TDS), providing complete protection from unwanted salts and minerals.

UV Protect

Integrated UV Purifier destroys 99.99% of harmful bacteria, virus and other micro-organisms.

Smart Monitoring

The smartest way to control your system remotely, from the comfort of your home or office – through the Voltas Water Smart App and Web Access.


Automatic flushing preserves the FILMTEC™ RO inside membrane and prolongs the life of your precious product.

Design and Durability

Ergonomical design with easy access from panel ensures hassle-free use and maintenance. Packed in durable casing ensures safer transport.


Your product is safe from pressure drops, variance in inlet water quality and general misuse.

Mineral Enhancer

An exclusive feature that retains good minerals in water for good health and immunity.

IIQ (Integrated IQ)

On-board logic controls critical parameters and adapts to different water sources, making it a truly smart automated system.

2x1 Dual Media Filter

Combines dual benefits of sand and activated carbon filtration, saving you space and reducing your maintenance costs.

1 Year Warranty

Every GET.SET.RO. product comes with an unmatched one year comprehensive warranty, with assured service support all over India.

Standard Technical Specifications

Item Unit GET.SET.RO. 500
Product Flow LPH 500
Recovery % 40
Feed TDS (max. limit) ppm Upto 2000
Product TDS ppm <100
System Configuration
Feed pump Yes
Dual Media (Sand + Carbon) Filter Yes
Antiscalant Dosing System Yes
Dechlorination System Optional
Micron Cartridge Filter 5 Micron
High Pressure Pump (Capacity) LPH 1,550
Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane FILMTEC™ RO Inside, 4"
UV System Optional
Power Consumption kW 3.8
Power Supply 415 V AC, 3 phase, 50 Hz

Note: Products tested at water with varying characteristics. Above specifications are at standard test conditions, for borewell water source. Product performance and/or recovery may vary based on actual inlet water.

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