Packaged sewage treatment plant GET.SET.RE.PLUS

GET.SET.RE.PLUS for Sewage Water Treatment

Water. Finding enough is one of the biggest challenges. Reusing it, even more so. But what if every drain led to water that you can recycle and reuse safety. Presenting the all-new Voltas Water range of Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs). A set of smart, compact and efficient wastewater systems using innovative SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor) technology that makes them easy to use, and easy to maintain. Because you, and the environment, deserve nothing less.

We provide wide range of sewage treatment solutions with outstanding performance and efficiency. Each of our systems are optimally designed to provide economical solution for reuse of water. The systems are engineered considering physical, chemical and biological parameters in order to obtain a suitable quality of water for reuse application like gardening, cleaning, washing etc.

GET.SET.RE.PLUS is a packaged sewage treatment plant that uses SBR to deliver a high-performance solution that combines the advantage of batch and continuous flow approaches. This versatile technology is compliant with the most stringent discharge standards and provides stable performance even during flow variations.

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Parameter GET.SET.RE.10 GET.SET.RE.25 GET.SET.RE.50 GET.SET.RE.100
Average flow (KLD) 10 25 50 100
Person Equivalent (PE) 67 167 333 667

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