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Why Choose Voltas Water Purification Systems

Point of Entry

Point of Entry

  • Integrating a Point of Entry (POE) water purification system for treatment of water is an efficient solution, as it essentially avoids the need for water purifiers at each faucet, is more economical and reduces wastage. Such smart water solutions provide the user unfettered control and access to the system at one place, and are ideal for the Smart City of the future.
Design and Engineering

Design & Engineering

  • Our Commercial ro water purifiers are thoughtfully designed and skillfully optimised to deliver best-in-class performance with the lowest-in-class footprint.
  • More than the science, it is the art of engineering that makes our products desirable.


  • Voltas Water Solutions embodies the ethos of innovation of the Tata and the Dow groups.
  • Usage of only FILMTECTM RO elements ensures stable and consistent performance.
Smart Monitoring

Smart Monitoring

You can monitor the status of your water purification systems from anywhere using the Voltas Water Smart Monitoring App and through Web Access from your PCs or Tabs.

Get real time data of daily operations and emergency alerts too.

Smartest and most affordable solution for drinking water

Typical drinking water consumption by a family anually

Typical drinking water
consumption by a family

A family spends on packaged drinking water or 20 litre jar

A family spends on
packaged drinking water
or 20 litre jar

cost of purification of water

Is the cost for purification
of 1 litre water using
Voltas Water products

Overall cost of water

Is the overall cost of water
per year for a family,
using Voltas Water products